MPC3000 Info

Mansell-Labs MPC3000 Operating System (Updated April 16, 2005)
And updated OS has been released for the MPC3000!


Summary of differences between MPC2k and MPC3k

Replacing the floppy with a Zip drive (added hard drive)

Memory Options

32Meg of memory and where to buy it

MPC3000 and hard drives

What does OS3.11 fix?

Compatibility with other MPC's

How can I keep Windows from making Zip disks unusable?

MPC3000 Options



MPC Editor - creates/edits MPC program files

Wavsnd - PCM wav <-> snd

MPC3000 Converter - converts .snd format <-> AIFF or SoundDesigner II (Mac)

Zip100 ISO images - ISO files of preformatted drives


Pics of a monitor attached to the MPC3k

Floppy Replacement

Button replacement

SCSI Card reader instead of floppy


Keyboard magazine MPC3000 program dowloads

Akai Professional Samplers Mailing List

MPC3000 at

Akai Professional website (OS) (Manual)

MPC3000 mailing list at yahoogroups