MPC3000 ISO images

These ISO images are flat file versions of the contents of a disk. Software is used to read the disk byte-by-byte and is placed into a file that is the same size as the disk. Great for backing up, restoring, mungling proprietary file system drives. I suggest entering the NoVolTrack into the registry of your Win95/95/Me system to prevent windows from messing with the disk format.

I only have one image here at the moment:

mpc3kzip.rar - Image of a Zip100 formatted into three 32 meg partitions. I created this image since the MPC3000 will only format a Zip100 disk into a max size of 25 meg partitions. Those extra megs could help in storing larger sample sets.


  1. Download the Rar file from above.
  2. Un-rar (uncompress) the ISO file using Rar software from
  3. Write the ISO to Zip disk using disk2file

Evaluation versions of above software are available.

Disktofile can be tricky about writing an ISO to disk. I usually end up selecting the `disk -> file` option first to get the `all sectors` boxed checkmarked then check `file -> disk` option to write to the zip. Additional documentation is in the disk2file documentation. Disk2file will *overwrite* all existing data on a disk.

The resultant ISO from the misleadingly small RAR is nearly 100 Meg in size (size of the Zip drive).