This is the test from the 3.11 Upgrade notice for the MPC3000:

The system software for the MPC3000 has been upgraded from V3.10 to V3.11 to remedy the
following symptoms:

  1. 1. Saving to 5 1/4" 200MB drive now works properly.
  2. MIDI Sample Dumps now work properly.
  3. When reading S1000 or S3000 hard disk volumes that contained more than 126 files, some files would not appear in the "Read S1000/S3000 Sample Files" screen. - fixed
  4. The metronome can now be routed to the individual outputs.
  5. In some rare cases the Copy bars and Copy events would copy data to incorrect tracks. - fixed
  6. In some cases MPC3000 files copied on a computer with Win95 could not be read. - fixed
  7. MIDI Time Code would still be received even though <Sync In> setting in the Sync screen was set to OFF. - fixed
  8. In some rare cases the MIDI Time Code being output would have a different frame rate than indicated in the Frames field of the TEMPO or SYNC screens. - fixed
  9. When attempting to format a hard disk with a capacity greater than 780 Mbytes, the "Partition" screen showed a total disk capacity greater than 780Mbyte, which is incorrect because the maxi-mum capacity of any drive when formatted by the MPC3000 is 780Mbyte. - fixed

The upgrade can be obtained through your Authorized Akai Service Center, or by contacting our Sales Department directly at (817) 336-5114.