Replacing the floppy with a Zip drive

It is possible to the replace the MPC3000's floppy drive with a SCSI Zip. Here's an overview of what I did:

First, I bought these two items from Ram Electronics:

The left is an external-internal convertor, the right is a 25pin male-25pin male gender changer.

Next I mounted convertor to the infernal support of the MPC:

I removed the floppy drive:

Next I installed the parts and turned the MPC's SCSI connector to the inside and blanked the hole in the back:

The final product:

Works like a charm and the MPC doesn't even miss the floppy.

I recently did an expansion in the MPC to include a SCSI laptop drive. Laptop drives are small and pull little power:

The drive is a commonly found Toshiba SCSI 543 Meg laptop (2.5") drive. The adapter is a simple $11 convertor which I have found only one source, DD&TT, phone (323)780-0099, part# DT327S. I mounted the drive by drilling two holes in the bottom the MPC putting screws through to secure the drive.

The termination turned out strange. The only way I could get the contraption to work is if the Zip drive was terminated, which is in the middle of the chain. Go figure.