MPC3000 Options

SMPTE - The SMPTE option is an IC chip that is installed on the mainboard inside the MPC. This option generates a SMPTE signal. Note that the MPC3000 will already sync to an incoming SMPTE signal with or without this option installed. (I will add how to check if this installled soon)

VGA output - This option will take whatever is displayed on the MPC's LCD and show it on a standard VGA monitor. If there is not a 15-pin VGA connector on the back of the MPC, it is NOT installed. This is option is fairly easy to install. If you can open your MPC with out damaging anything, then you should be able to install this option yourself. Not every monitor is `old VGA` compliant. Usually the older the monitor, the more likely it will work. If you are shopping for a monitor, I suggest taking the MPC with you. That way you can test it on the spot. I have the instructions for the VGA install for anyone that needs it.


That is really all the options for the MPC. Well, there is also memory (described in another section).