MPC3k Drive Replacement

I remove the floppy and replaced it with a PC Card Drive. It's an Intermart PC Card Reader which holds two Flash Cards. For the MPC3k I turned the SCSI connector inward and transformed the db25 SCSI connector into a internal 50pin ribbon. It wasn't pretty, but go the job done. The hardest part was making sure the components fit and keeping the fitting from touching anything. Last thing I want to do is damage any of the boards. Actually any SCSI devices would work including Zips and hard drives.

Worked great. Took me minute to figure out that the drive needed to be formatted before being recognized by the MPC. turns out that WindowsXP will not mount an MPC3000 formatted disk. Win9x, Me work just fine for transferring files from and to a PC. Works just like having a Zip drive.